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When the Municipal Council had to vote in 1962 to buy back the castle from the French army, the fate of the approval of the report hung on one vote in the face of a counter-project intending to demolish it.

The Fortified Castle of Sedan

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The fortified Castle of Sedan

In 1424, when the seigneury of Sedan was surrendered to Guillaume de Braquemont, Evrard de la Marck built a fortified castle that encompassed a priory.
This triangular fortification was extended and reinforced by Evrard's descendants. Eight princes and one princess made this fortified castle the largest in Europe with its 35,000m².

The castle was owned by the French army for more than three centuries. In 1962, the Town of Sedan bought it back at the symbolic cost of one Franc.

Since 1995, the castle has been open to the public with Historium. The visitor's tour retraces the daily life of the princes of Sedan.
In 2004, the centre of the castle became a three star hotel with a gourmet restaurant. This project, the result of an innovative public/private partnership, was awarded the Special Prize by ODIT in 2005 and the Département Prize of the Heritage Ribbons in 2006. The hotel-restaurant is run by France Patrimoine.
One part of the castle remains to be converted and is intended to host a spa centre and gym.

On 2 July 2009, the Town of Sedan granted use of the Castle to the private-public partnership "Château et Compagnies". In addition to the use of the castle and the guided tour, it offers many additional shows, such as the yearly Mediaeval Festival in May and the summer events (knighthood tournament, falconry displays etc.)

Discover the Fortified Castle of Sedan

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