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Presentation of Sedan

Country: France

Region: Champagne-Ardenne

Département: Ardennes

Local council regions: Sedan community of towns and villages

Administrative area: Sedan (administrative central town)

Canton: administrative centre of the Sedan-East, Sedan-West and Sedan-North cantons

Post Code: 08200

Population: 17,675 inhabitants (INSEE 2008)

Density: 1,180 inhabitants / km²

Population of the Sedan Region: 41,677 inhabitants (INSEE 2008)

Area: 16.82km²

Local name for inhabitants: Sedanais, Sedanaise (s)

An administrative subdivision of the Ardennes, Sedan is 22km from the main administrative town of Charleville-Mézières and 22km from Bouillon in Belgium.
The town is located at the meeting point of the main roads and motorways of the North East. Distances from other cities: Reims, 98km. Metz, 150km. Paris, 246km. Charleroi, 105km. Liège, 150km. Brussels, 170km.

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