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Places of interest

Le Dijonval

The former royal factory of drapes in Dijonval was designed in 1646 as part of a vast project for all the palace factories by Nicolas Cadeau. The grand central building dates from 1755 and the flanking wings from 1778. The factory is topped by an amazing bell tower. All the richness of the decor is concentrated in the windows and the curves and counter-curves of the keystones. Today, this grand building has been converted into luxury apartments.

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The botanical garden

Designed in 1880 by René Richer, a landscape architect of the town, the botanical garden was inspired by Art Nouveau. A statue of Paul and Virginie, works of the sculptor Virginie, adorned the garden's ornamental lake until they were destroyed in a storm in 1905. Wooden structures built by the cement worker Eugène Bourdet adorn the little bandstand, the parapet of the bridge and the trellis.

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Place Alsace-Lorraine

In 1875, the revocation of the Bourbon stronghold meant that the Place Alsace-Lorraine could be created in the new town centre. In the centre of the square there is a monument to those who died in 1870. It is a work by the Ardennes sculptor Aristide Croisy.

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Place Nassau

The Place Nassau owes its name to the stronghold which occupied the spot until the end of the 19th century. A monument to the dead was erected in the square for the 667 victims from Sedan from the Great War, the Second World War and the Indochinese and Algerian Wars of Independence.

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This district was created in 1950 as an area of collective living and affordable housing. Torcy-Cités was totally redesigned under the Programme for Urban Renovation carried out in the area since 2006. Community housing, improved urban spaces, and architecturally designed housing have replaced the great tower blocks and the concrete.

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Le Lac Esplanade

The area of Le Lac, which is also part of the Programme for Urban Renovation, has a large range of sport and leisure facilities, including a water leisure centre, swimming in the lake, an athletics stadium, an area for playing boules, tennis courts. There are also primary schools, a crèche and a high school.

Cultural Centre

Close to the town centre, the cultural district includes a brand new Cultural Centre which hosts the works of the MJC Calonne and of the council cultural department. There is an auditorium, a dance centre and a rehearsal studio for bands. The municipal media centre and the Pierre Mendès-France amphitheatre came to supplement the town's cultural and artistic contribution, making this area the Cultural District of the Town.

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