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Important Sedan Events

The Sedan Trade and Agriculture Fair

foire-de-sedanOrganised each year by the UCI for the second weekend in September, the Sedan Fair is the oldest fair in the Champagne-Ardenne region. It takes place in the heart of the town and with free entry, it attracts more than 250,000 visitors in five days. The trade fair is supplemented by a two-day agricultural fair held in the Torcy priory.

The Mediaeval Festival

festival-medievalIn May each year, the surrounds of the castle travel in time and take us back to the Middle Ages. The Castle is symbolically decorated with knights, minstrels, troubadours, fanciful creatures and more so that children and adults alike have a fun weekend.

Sedan/Charleville Run

sedan-charlevilleThis is oldest town to town race and has already celebrated its centenary. Held each year on the first weekend in October, Sedan/Charleville brings together seasoned runners with Sunday joggers. Everyone starts in Sedan to take in the Cité de Gonzague and covers 24.3km. Over the whole route, a large crowd comes and cheers the runners. Sedan/Charleville is tough, but fun.

Chiméria, International Festival of Visionary Arts

Every two years, the Sedan Arts Circle puts on a unique show in France with Chiméria, the International Festival of Visionary Arts. Take part for a week, where science and art meet in exhibitions, conferences, meetings and films, all in the presence of great artists of international renown.

Every two years, Urbi & Orbi photography and town

And how do you see the town? Every two years, international photographers and young photographers exhibit their vision of the town in Sedan, displaying its architecture, its heritage and its inhabitants. A unique show in France organised by Urbi&Orbi and greatly acclaimed by lovers of photography.

Street Movements Festival

mouvements-de-rueEvery year, under the auspices of the Communauté de Communes du Pays Sedanais (the Sedan Region Villages Community) and the AIDT group, during the first weekend in September, dancers, comedians, circus artists and others take over the streets of Sedan and the villages of the Sedan region. Spectators are invited to follow a route through town. Guided by the sound of music and the movement of the artists, they discover different groups of artists. A simple stroll through the town then becomes a lively show led by both artists and the crowd.

Encounters of Guitar and Heritage

guitare-et-patrimoineThere are many sorts of guitar. They can be of different shapes and produce different sounds. They are multicultural, but at the end of the day, the guitar goes with everything and in particular, with heritage. This was the mad gamble of a few enthusiasts who, in 1994, had the idea of inviting great guitarists to play each year in June and July at the different historic sites of Sedan and the Sedan region. It was highly successful and has now been running for 15 years.

Autumn Meeting of Designers and Model Makers in Ardennes (R.A.M.M.A)

rammaThis show takes place every other year in October and is organised by the Le Lac Social Centre Model Makers Club. Over the weekend, the R.A.M.M.A welcomes all disciplines of miniature and model making (boats, figurines, trains, dolls etc.) with shows and demonstrations. Sedan then becomes a theme park for the miniature to the amusement of children and adults.

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